PlayStation All-Stars Round 2 Character Wish List

As the Sony equivalent of Nintendo’s Super Smash Brothers, there was a lot riding on SuperBot Entertainment’s PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale to be truly great. It did turn out to be pretty good, and honestly became one of my favorite games of all time, but it clearly didn’t perform as well as Sony had hoped as support for it quickly petered off. It’s very unfortunate because All-Stars featured a surprisingly fun and interesting “supers” mechanic to differentiate it from Super Smash Brothers and other competitors, and as PS3 support withers we might not be able to play it anymore on the future.  But with the PS4 early in its life cycle, now would be a great time for Sony to bring back PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale with new characters and stages for a new generation, whilst keeping the same mechanics. Hopefully there’s a much bigger focus on popular third-party characters than really niche first party characters like Spike and Sir Dan. Here are the 36 characters I hope make up the roster for PlayStation All-Stars Round 2. All the “rivals” are paired together.

Please be real

Please be real

Nathan Drake


As the star of the Uncharted franchise, Nathan Drake pretty much became the mascot for PlayStation throughout the PS3 generation. Because of this, he’s quite an obvious choice for Round 2 and any sequel afterwards. His moves would be pretty much the same, and hopefully there’s a stage featuring the Uncharted series too.

Sly Cooper


Another recurring character, Sly would be Nathan Drake’s rival since they’re both wise-talking treasure hunters. Sly was a seriously prominent character in the PS2 generation and is one of PlayStation’s most recognizable exclusive faces. His moves would be pretty much the same too.

Cole McGrath 


Cole rose to prominence in the Sucker Punch’s PS3 era Infamous series, their follow-up to the Sly Cooper series. It would be cool to see his lightning, ice and fire powers again but this time he definitely wouldn’t be counted as two characters (Good and Evil Cole) like the original PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Delsin Rowe


Delsin is Cole’s obvious choice for a rival since he’s the new star in Infamous: Second Son. He makes a clear choice for the game since he’s been one of the PS4’s main mascots since the system’s launch and, one year later, it’s still one of PS4’s best looking games. His moves would revolve around his chain and four different powers.



Sackboy starred in Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet for the PS3, and has since become one of the PS3’s top 3 mascots (the others being Drake and Kratos) and had games on the PS3, PSP, PS Vita, and soon even the PS4. He was effectively Sony’s answer to the Mario franchise and honestly LittleBigPlanet turned out to be really fun. His moves would be pretty similar to the original set.

Iota / Atoi


Iota was the star of Media Molecule’s first and only non-LittleBigPlanet game, Tearaway, so he’s the clear choice to be Sackboy’s rival. He would be a great choice for Round 2 because he’s become one of the Vita’s mascots and Tearaway was one of the best games on Vita. His moves would be based on paper and cutting, and a simple change in costume would let people play as his female counterpart Atoi.

Joel and Ellie


Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us easily was one of the best games of 2013, and arguably the best PlayStation exclusive ever. As such, and since the Remastered version is coming to PS4 so a new generation can experience The Last of Us, Joel and Ellie are clear choices for Round 2. Joel would be the main character and Ellie would show in some supers similar to how Ratchet and Clank worked in the original.

Lee Everett and Clementine 

lee and clementine

Both of these characters starred in Telltale’s The Walking Dead, a surprise hit that put Telltale back on the map and reinvigorated the adventure game genre. Lee became a pretty iconic character after that, and so would be cool to play as in Round 2. He’d be Joel’s rival since they both take care of little girls in zombie-filled worlds. Lee would be the main character and Clementine would show up in supers.

Ratchet and Clank 


Ratchet and Clank from Insomniac Games were really big for PlayStation during the PS2 era and, despite some okay games on PS3, are still one of PlayStation’s most popular characters. And with their own movie coming out soon, now would be a great time for them to come back. Their moves would pretty much be the same.

Jak and Daxter


Jak and Daxter were from Naughty Dog’s PS2 era games and easily became one of PS2 era’s most popular and iconic franchises. They would be an easy choice to come back to the All-Stars roster, and would be Ratchet’s rivals because they’re two adventure-platforming duos that actually rivaled each other back on the PS2.



Kratos was first featured in Sony Santa Monica’s God of War, and has since gone on to become one of PlayStation’s most iconic characters in what became one of their most popular series. Kratos is an obvious choice for any All-Stars game that ever gets made in the future. His moves would remain pretty similar.

Sweet Tooth


Plenty of people have fond memories of David Jaffe’s Twisted Metal franchise back in the day, which led to entries across the first 3 PlayStation platforms and even the PSP. Sweet Tooth’s crazy ice-cream loving tactics and iconic nature make him an obvious choice for Round 2 and any sequels. His moves would remain pretty similar.



The PlayStation Vita really doesn’t have much iconic characters, so the ones it does have, Kat and Iota, are obvious choices for Round 2. Plus Kat is a pretty awesome character and Gravity Rush was a pretty cool game. Kat’s moves would be pretty similar to the original set, but maybe with a different Level 3.



Faith would be a great choice to be Kat’s rival because whereas Kat can literally fly around the world, Faith figuratively flies across her world in the form of parkour and free running. She was really iconic in Mirror’s Edge, and since a sequel is finally being made, Faith would be a good addition to a new All-Stars too.

Black Hand 


Killzone seems to one franchise Sony really wants to make popular despite none of its entries reaching critical success. As such, there might as well be a representative from the Killzone franchise in any All-Stars game, so Black Hand from the recent Killzone: Shadowfall would be a good pick. Plus Killzone: Shadowfall was one of the PS4’s flagship titles so it’s pretty important in that respect.



Knack would be a great rival for Black Hand because he was the other flagship title that launched with the PS4 and also they were both announced at the PS4 reveal together. So this would be the figurative battle of the PS4 launch titles. Also he was clearly supposed to be a PS4 mascot but that hasn’t panned out too well.

Ethan Mars 


Honestly, Ethan Mars was one of the characters I wanted most for the original PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, but that never panned out. He starred in the surprising hit Heavy Rain from developer Quantic Dream, which turned out to be one of the PS3’s best games.  This time around he definitely should be included.

Jodie Holmes and Aiden


There was a lot riding on Quantic Dream’s follow-up to Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, but unfortunately it just didn’t turn out very good. However, Jodie Holmes and her portrayal by Ellen Page make her pretty iconic and with a rumoured PS4 Director’s Cut in the works, she’d make a great addition to the roster.

Venom Snake


Snake is one of the iconic characters in all of videogames, and with his Metal Gear Solid series spanning every PlayStation device ever, he’s obviously the most popular. With the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain set to be released pretty soon, he’d make a clear choice for a new All-Stars game.



He’s Batman. Not much more needs to be said about why he should be in Round 2. His Arkham games from developer Rocksteady were surprisingly awesome and the new Arkham Knight is looking to be another great outing. He’d be Snake’s rival because they’re both badass stealth-focused characters.



Transistor was surprisingly one of the best games I’ve played in a while, and is definitely my favorite game on PS4. Red would make a great character for the potential moves involving the Transistor sword. Also it would help reaffirm PlayStation’s new commitment to indie games.



Aurora was the star of Ubisoft’s recent Child of Light, and would make an obvious rival for Red since they’re both red-haired, sword-wielding women in indie-style games. Aurora also has a roster of party-members and magic moves that would lend for really interesting gameplay possibilities.



Following the success of The Walking Dead, it was unclear whether Telltale had just made a one-hit wonder or could build on its successes. The Wolf Among Us proved that they definitely could make great games that weren’t The Walking Dead, and Bigby turned out to be a pretty cool character. He’d be a pretty cool choice for Round 2.

Sir Galahad


While The Order: 1886 hasn’t even released yet, it has become one of the PS4’s most prominent and promising AAA exclusives. Sir Galahad would add really interesting gunplay possibilities to Round 2, and be a good character for people looking for medium/long-range play-styles. He’d be Bigby’s rival since he hunts werewolf-esque beings in the trailer, and Bigby is the Big Bad Wolf. It’s a perfect match.



It would be incredibly awesome for any assassin to show up in an All-Stars game, and Arno would be a pretty good pick because he’s going to be the star of the first true next gen Assassin’s Creed game, Assassin’s Creed: Unity, and also has swords, melee, and now ranged moves with his new Phantom Bow and guns.

Aiden Pearce


Aiden would be an obvious choice for Round 2 because Watch Dogs was hyped up for so long to be the first true “next-gen” game, and while that never quite came to be, he would still be pretty cool in this game. There’d be lots of hacking and stick-beating move possibilities. He’d be Arno’s rival because they’re both stars of Ubisoft’s most prominent open world action-stealth titles.

Big Daddy

big-daddy-bioshock-2607 (1)

Big Daddy should make his return in PlayStation All-Stars Round 2 because he’s the most iconic character in the original Bioshock, which was incredibly popular and successful. He would a good hulking near-combat type of character, and would keep most of his moves from the original.

Booker DeWitt


Bioshock: Infinite appeared in the original PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale in the form of the stage “Columbia,” but this time around its star should be represented as a playable character. He’s actually become pretty iconic since the game came out. His various vigors would allow for some really cool and interesting gameplay possibilities. Booker and Big Daddy are pretty clear rivals as they’re both from the two Irrational Bioshock games.

Crash Bandicoot


Crash Bandicoot and its two sequels were some of the most famous platformers and games in general from the PS1, and easily became some of the most beloved and influential games in PlayStation history. Crash is one of the clearest choices there is, and hopefully Sony can work it out with Activision to let him be in Round 2.



Spyro was the other prominent platformer in the PS1 era, and so is a clear choice to be Crash’s rival. Spyro was also really influential in early PlayStation history and so would make another obvious choice. Again, hopefully Sony can work it out with Activision to let him be in Round 2.



Shadow of the Colossus was one of the most famous games on the PS2, and really solidified Team Ico’s position as an acclaimed developer. A Colossus like Gaius would be a good representative of their Japanese developers because it’d provide for a much more unique brutish play-style than the main character.  The Collosi are also way cooler in my opinion.

a Warhawk


A Warhawk would be pretty awesome if it was actually included and would really help lighten the overall tone of the game. Warhawk was one of the best launch PS3 games and left great memories with many people. Starhawk wasn’t the sequel that people wanted, but it would be cool to be the Warhawk again in PlayStation All-Stars Round 2. He’d be a good rival for the Collosus because they’re both nontraditional fighting combatants.

Limbo kid 


Limbo was one of the most famous indie games ever, and actually finally came to PlayStation devices last year. Because of this, that anonymous little boy would be a great addition to the Round 2 roster. He’d play similar to other small characters like Sackboy, Iota and Knack.

The Grand Theft Auto V Trio 


Grand Theft Auto V quickly became the best selling game on the PS3 and with a new updated PS4 version coming soon its characters are obvious additions to the PlayStation All-Stars roster. Each character would bring in their partners in his various supers, and you’d hopefully be able to change which person you play as by changing the character’s costume. The trio would be a good rival to the Limbo kid because Grand Theft Auto V represents the colorful mega-budget AAA games and Limbo is the most famous black-and-white indie game.

Kevin Butler


Kevin Butler was the fictional Vice President of fictional Sony departments from 2009-2011 and was really well received by the PlayStation Nation. He was really funny, but unfortunately can’t be in any more commercials because the actor held a Wii remote in a Bridgestone commercial. Hopefully Sony can work it out and bring him into the new roster, because that would be just incredibly awesome fan service.

Shuhei Yoshida


Putting Shuhei Yoshida, the beloved head of PlayStation, in Round 2 would be the ultimate fan service, even more so Kevin Butler. It’d also really solidify All-Stars’s lighthearted fun tone. He’d be a great rival for Kevin Butler because whereas Kevin Butler is a fictional head of PlayStation, Shuhei is the real head of PlayStation.

Overall, this would make a great roster for PlayStation All-Stars Round 2 because of the great diversity in size, play-style, platforms, and the diversity in gender certainly helps too. The inclusion of much more popular and relevant characters will hopefully bring a lot more excitement and support for series. It’s actually pretty ironic that All-Stars really hit with me, who’s not even a fighting game fan, but didn’t hit with the fighting game community. Sony would also need to do a lot better job with presentation (i.e. menus) and provide much better netcode to enhance stability and lower latency during online matches. Also a small wish is that they include the leaked Gravity Rush/Journey stage since that pretty much combines two of my favorite games. Besides that, I really hope that not only is a sequel made for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale that features these characters, but also that it keeps its unique supers mechanic, because that surprisingly turned out to be incredibly fun.


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