My Favorite Games of 2016


Man, 2016 was a rough one, eh? Good riddance. Thankfully though, life goes on, video games keep being made, and people keep doing awesome things. But keeping in spirit with 2016, the batch this year really wasn’t as memorable as other years. Looking back, I really struggled to think of 5 notable games I even played at all this year, which was probably a combination of not much interesting me, being a broke college student, and being burnt out on games. So without further ado, here we are with my favorite 5 games of 2016:

Honorable Mention: Far Cry Primal

prfarcry2It really feels like there should enough more interesting things this year for this to not even be here, but that being said, I did have a pretty decent time with it. Sure it’s extremely average, and sure it feels like a carbon copy of Far Cry 4, but it was also a pretty decent time. I’m always a sucker for upgrading homes in games, and sure enough building up your little village with interesting people and new houses was pretty much the whole point of the game. Primal really makes me want to play another one with guns though…


And you can pet all your cute animal pals

No. 5: The Steep Beta


The Steep beta really couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me this year. With schoolwork really picking up and the semester drawing to a close, all I wanted to do was just have some fun playing video games, y’know? Something fun without guns or puzzles was all I was asking for. So thankfully the weekend of November 18-21 finally rolled around and I played it practically all weekend long, and really did have a jolly ol’ time. Granted, I still haven’t bought it yet now that it’s out, but trust me I will one of these days.

No. 4: Batman: The Telltale Series


Look you know me, if there was a batman game released in a given year it’s bound to be on here. And this year we got two! I can’t afford VR so Telltale was the lucky one to make the list. Telltale’s Batman was a pretty good time overall, it does some interesting things to give the mythos their own spin, the most important of which is getting to choose Batman’s gadget color for the entire series. So every time I saw Batman’s purple gadgets and bat-computer it gave me a nice warm feeling and a smile. It was such a stupidly small thing but it really stuck with me.


Good vibes with purple Batman

No. 3: The Last Guardian


To be honest, I haven’t actually played Last Guardian yet, but I wish I had. It seems so much up my alley, but right now $60 is a bit… steep. Wait sorry, wrong game. I’m sure it’d deserve to be on here when I do play it though so it’s good to be safe and save it a spot. (The same goes for Inside.)

No.2: The Witness


All year long I heard people were talking about how hard the Witness was, so of course I was really excited to eventually try it out. I loved listening to Jonathan Blow throughout the game’s development and I heard a lot of good things about it from people I respect post-release. What I discovered is that I basically felt the same way about this that I did about Bloodborne last year. It’s an extremely tough game thats amazingly, intricately designed and makes me have the utmost respect for the developers and their teams. However, I did go through the exact 5 stages of Bloodborne grief again, which you can read about here


Get ready to solve a lot of puzzles

No.1: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


An obviously cliché choice, but my favorite game this year had to be Uncharted 4. I seriously wonder how long they can keep doing this without jumping the shark from the insane pressure they must be under, but damn they did it again, I gotta give hand it to them. Everything about this was masterclass, and the characters, story, gameplay and places were all masterfully woven together, and it’s crazy to think that the work of hundred or more people all came together so neatly to create something this fine. The moment when Nate and Elena get off the elevator and drive through the forest is one of my all-time favorites in games, and they really are some of the most well-realized characters off all time. Uncharted 4 is so many miles above the others in the series, and I love how strong of an impression and just how fun it was to experience this.




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